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13 Mobile Applications to Help Manage Your Small Business

13 Mobile Applications to Help Manage Your Small Business

The guys from SalesForce are so right when they say the information you are looking for is at your fingertips. Indeed, the mobile devices market has evolved to such an extent that we can access merely any data or information using mobile devices from everywhere, as long as we have an Internet connection.

Until recently, small business owners had few options regarding mobile applications, but since this market evolved, there are now unlimited applications that can help manage a business. Mobile applications are extremely important for small businesses because they can help them grow. Taking into consideration that there are over 12. million U.S. smartphone users, small businesses should not ignore incorporating the use of mobile devices and applications to their strategy.

Salesforce put together a graphic to highlight 13 of the most useful mobile apps that can make financial management, customer support, document collaboration, and communication simple and easy.

Please see the infographic below – do you use some of the apps mentioned below while running your small business? Looking forward to hearing your opinions.

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