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5 Ways Cloud Computing Is Changing Business

5 Ways Cloud Computing Is Changing Business

Cloud computing is one of the newest technological developments to shake up the business world. As more companies migrate their data and applications to the cloud, business itself changes dramatically.

1. Faster processing and modified security

With data and applications held in the cloud, processing times are much faster for everything. Companies can search for information, run an application or input new data in record time. This development speeds up all business-related operations, including buying, selling and data management, thus making businesses more efficient overall.

When data is in the cloud, a breach of the cloud provider’s security compromises the company’s data, and a malfunction of cloud software can result in the loss of data that the company needs. To protect against these problems, companies often invest in preventative measures, such as online backup.

2. Less in-house IT

As cloud computing is adopted by more businesses, fewer businesses have a need for in-house IT departments. Personnel who used to work in these departments are either laid off or moved to another location. In some cases, they may take over as a liaison between the company and its new cloud service provider.

3. New software

Revolutionary software companies, such as Microsoft, are changing their software to accommodate the cloud. For example, in its 15th version of Office software, Microsoft is focusing on making the software compatible with the cloud. The software will be integrated with Skype so that users can discuss their documents online. It will also allow users to store data in the cloud instead of on their individual machines or office networks.

4. Changing responsibilities

IT personnel who remain after a company switches to the cloud must work with a new set of responsibilities. Instead of inputting data into an in-house system and managing it there, these professionals will send their data to the cloud provider. New responsibilities will also include trouble shooting with the cloud provider and discussing different cloud management options.

5. More working capital

Though paying for a cloud computing service provider may cost money, most companies will save money in the long run as a result of cloud computing. In the beginning, the company will pay to migrate data to the cloud. However, after a cloud computing system is in place, the company won’t require as many IT professionals, which saves money in wages. Likewise, the company won’t need to upgrade in-house software any more, nor will it need to purchase large amounts of hard drive storage to manage its own data.

It’s no secret that cloud computing has revolutionized the business world. These are just a few of the changes that businesses can expect to see when the cloud is implemented for data management. How else will the cloud change business?

This is a guest post from Mallory Rosenquist. Mallory started as a journalism major and quickly grew fond of the technology sector. She has a passion for mobile technology and competitive running.

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