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How Much Can You Save On Your Cloud Computing Implementation?

How Much Can You Save On Your Cloud Computing Implementation?

When it comes to financial savings, figuring out the advantages of implementing cloud computing and whether this can be a good decision for your organization can be a tricky business. Definitely, there are no success recipes in deciding when and how to implement cloud computing. Each enterprise has its own business processes, so it must decide upon the best course of action.

My opinion is that, with companies dealing with reduced budgets everywhere, cloud computing is definitely the way to go when it comes to consolidating IT operations. It can help your company reach both your IT and financial goals. Thus, cloud computing enables you to reduce server sprawl and lower total costs of ownership. Virtualization and cloning is fast, inexpensive and there are no upfront capital costs. When taken as a whole, the economic benefits of cloud computing will make good sense for your company to gain greater ROI from your IT investment.

One the other hand, one might object the difficulty of quantifying the savings. When it comes to potential cost savings, there is a take on this matter that it is impossible to estimate exactly the financial impact that the adoption of cloud computing has on one’s organization. Because time is sometimes hard to quantify in money, it might be a bit confusing to calculate, for example, the reduced costs of the fact that a process runs twice as fast.

However, from my own personal experience, implementing cloud computing has significantly impacted our business processes and helped us to efficiently adjust costs. Our IT processes were much simplified and most of the costs associated with software, hardware or maintenance, have been greatly diminished.

In my latest cloud computing implementation, the time to deploy the speed of delivery of one of the production system decreased from 7 weeks to just a few hours, which resulted in over $300,000 less in hardware and software infrastructure costs and 35% savings with ongoing maintenance and hosting costs per deployment.

To sum up, I believe that cloud computing will bring more efficiency, and will make most IT processes work faster. The overall result will be that the cost of all IT operations will be significantly decreased.


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