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How to optimize the performance of a cloud deployment

How to optimize the performance of a cloud deployment

Businesses are heading to a more holistic perspective as they get more comfortable with the cloud. Increased ROI is still the primary business driver, but enterprises are going further. Therefore, it is in their interest to learn how to best optimize the performance of a cloud deployment. Let’s look at some strategies that will help businesses with this process.

Use a Green Cloud structure to raise the power efficiency per watt. In this new era of technology, organizations are interested in decreasing costs, and green cloud architecture is an efficient solution. This architecture will permit cloud resources and hardware to optimize the performance and energy of your cloud.

Regulate the data integrity – regular verification to make sure that different parts of the cloud communication sessions are working correctly is essential. In order to check aspects of the cloud deployment model and how these are communicating between themselves, Quality of Experience (QoE) models must be initiated.

Distribute resources along with smart switching. A cloud is usually connected to more than one remote resource. Making sure that these resources are not consuming inefficiently should be a priority – and the way to do this is by deploying Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). There are several strategies used to reduce resources in an idle state, such as bin-packing or mixed integer programming. One of the most efficient techniques is MapReducea programming model for processing large data sets with a parallel, distributed algorithm on a cluster.

Another strategy that will help businesses optimize the performance of a cloud deployment is the optimization of database servers. In order to do this, there are some techniques that can be used, including: pipelining, scheduling, load balancing and database optimization.

These are my quick suggestions and advice on optimizing the performance of a cloud deployment. What are yours? Feel free to add your opinions in the comments section below.

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