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How to Overcome the Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

How to Overcome the Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

Despite recent events exposing the downsides of cloud computing, industry experts predict an increase in businesses’ interest to move their data in the cloud. How come this trend is on a rising path? With cloud computing, every business has the possibility to get custom IT Srvices in a simple and fast way and with reduced costs, whether it is well-established or an ambitious start-up.

However, some businesses still holdback when it comes to cloud computing deployment. The reasons vary from lack of proper information and experts’ insights, to fear of inherent risks related to security, compatibility, and availability.

  • Security: Being based on the Internet, cloud computing is seen as more vulnerable to emerging online attacks then the alternative to having your data stored on your company’s private servers. The truth is that security patching,  is more streamlined in the cloud where there are dedicated staff ensuring security standards. To be reassured of the level of security and reliability your data is getting in the cloud, examine closely the cloud service provider’s security policy. Moreover, organizations like The Cloud Security Alliance are collaborating with cloud experts and actively promoting best practices and standards for security assurance within cloud computing.
  • Compatibility is another issue that restrains large organizations from embracing cloud technology. When existing IT infrastructure may not be compatible with cloud technology or too complex to restructure, hybrid clouds might be the answer to data deployment. A third party provider will handle transition and reduce dramatically time and costs with personnel and technology for your business.
  • Availability: To what degree is your cloud data available? It is definitely not in your company’s proximity and this worry stops companies from adopting the cloud because they don’t have data and service available during interruptions or potential attacks. Once again, make sure you ask your provider the right questions and understand risk management responsibilities of each party.

After reading through these potential downsides of cloud computing, you are probably looking for an answer to what is cloud computing really bringing to my business?  I would answer that you need to determine the business impact and IT advantages you want to achieve, and understand how your cloud provider can help you manage inherent security risks and configure the cloud environment according to your business context.

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  • Quora

    December 19, 2013

    Why is cloud security such a big challenge?

    I think many people fear the cloud because they believe it is less secure than internal IT. I actually think that the cloud is more secure 🙂 The truth is that security patching is more streamlined in the cloud where there are dedicated staff ensuring…

  • Mridula

    April 7, 2018

    Though Cloud Computing has number of challenging issues but there are lot of advantages which overpower it’s disadvantages. The positive points include :
    1. Flexibility
    2. Reliability
    3. Availability
    4. Easily accessible
    5. Easy to move to cloud
    6. Hybrid clouds
    7. Automatic Updates
    Still security is a concern for lot of people. To resolve such issues private cloud and on-premise cloud came into existence.

  • WeCode Inc

    September 3, 2020

    Super interesting stuff! Appreciate all the work you put into these studies

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