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Rick announces the launch of a new project – Rick’s Tech Update

Rick announces the launch of a new project – Rick’s Tech Update

To my tech nation: I have launched a new project ! Rick’s Tech Update is my latest dream came true.

Because I am a dreamer and my dreams often include great technologies, this new project aims to share emerging technology with the world, in order to “see all of our dreams come true”.

Rick’s Tech Update is the place where I’ll gather all the creative tech ideas I hear about/ test/ implement/ work with/ admire/ dream about. Also, I’m addicted to people with great ideas and insightful opinions, so feel free to share your thoughts and feedback.

My passion for technology and creative ideas started early, so my career now includes more than 20 years of product/ business development, and high-tech experience with Fortune 500 companies, developing innovative technology strategies. You can read all about that in the “About Rick” section or you can check out Rick’s Cloud for more info about my projects.

The world of technology is a wonderful and exciting world, right? But sometime you need someone to keep you up to date with the latest emerging technology trends. Lucky for you, I spend far too much time online and surrounded with tech and mobile, so that wealth of experience translates into some emerging tech know-how.

Consider Rick’s Tech Update your guide to the exciting world of tech, and feel free to use it for inspiration or sharing ideas!

I`m looking forward to see there you and discuss with you on the new platform and on its social media networks:

Facebook –

LinkedIN –

Twitter –

See you there!

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