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Summer of Code – An awesome program for future coders

Summer of Code – An awesome program for future coders

summer of codeDuring the lazy summer months, it’s much easier for students to play video games, browse the internet, and play baseball than it is to stay engaged with academics. When returning to school, students often experience difficulty due to a loss of knowledge stemming from their vacation and absence of schooling.  To combat this, keeping your brain active over the summer months is important and recommended for students of all ages.  It is for these reasons that students and parents search for educational summer programs.

There are many great summer programs that teach and study specific topics.  Finding the right summer learning program is important, but can be difficult for those with busy schedules and prior commitments.  This is why the guys at LearnToProgram introduced a way to keep both parents and kids happy: the Summer of Code program.

Summer of Code is a great opportunity for students who love being “plugged in,” surfing the web, and staying up-to-date with the newest technology. Through this program, students will have fun creating their own apps and websites, while also learning valuable computer science skills. It’s educational while still being entertaining!

The program was created by LearnToProgram’s founder, Mark Lassoff, in hopes of inspiring students to take the first steps to develop apps, design websites and create games.  Summer of Code is based online so it is perfect for students with downtime throughout summer days.  The online courses can be accessed any time of the day and can be completed at the student’s pace, making them extremely convenient.

Also, the courses are structured to allow the student to choose their topic of interest, view tutorials, watch videos, interact with professors and submit assignments. I strongly believe this program should be included on every student’s list of “tech things to do” this summer, especially considering that the Summer of Code program is just $79 for three months.

So don’t waste another summer. Pick up a valuable hobby and learn to code!


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