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World Leaders Embracing the Cloud

world leaders adopting the cloud

World Leaders Embracing the Cloud

world leaders adopting the cloudNowadays, most businesses have tried out cloud computing one way or another. But let’s see how some of the worlds leading companies have embraced the cloud, what was the process and the benefits that cloud computing brought to their businesses and employees.


Lufthansa, one of the world leaders in the air travel industry, was one of the first adopters of cloud technology in an attempt to offer the benefits of the Internet to domestic travelers.

In 2011 Internet access on international flights was introduced. By that time, access was restricted to domestic travelers because the signal was provided by land-based mobile phone towers. Airlines started to offer Internet access via satellite communications although Lufthansa did even more. They launched CloudStream, a cloud service that allowed passengers to cache the links they wanted into a virtual folder and then browse the content while they were flying. With CloudStream, Lufthansa was recognized as a pioneer of cloud technology for the airline industry.

Aston Martin

Aston Martin, the popular luxury sports car manufacturer adopted Microsoft 365 to drive collaboration and speed business process.

The company relies a lot on technology in their manufacturing process and in collaborating with clients. So adopting Microsoft 365 proved to be the appropriate solution for their needs. The company migrated the email accounts to Office 365, upgraded the computers as part of the migration, which enabled employees to deploy Microsoft Office on their personal computers and tablets at home. Also, employees were able to access their corporate email accounts from smartphones. The solution from Microsoft provided the tools necessary to implement security policies on employees’ personal devices. Overall, Microsoft 365 offered additional security and compliance capabilities, more secure administration, easier and more efficient communication with suppliers and other stakeholders.

I’ve chosen these two examples because they were early pioneers of cloud technology and they revolutionized their industries. What other examples do you have in mind? I’m looking forward to reading some other examples of world leaders that implemented cloud solutions which brought good results to the business. Feel free to share your knowledge in the comments section below.


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