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Cloud Based VoiP – Unlimited Opportunities for Businesses of All Sizes

Cloud Based VoiP – Unlimited Opportunities for Businesses of All Sizes

Companies around the globe are continuously seeking new ways to be competitive in rough economic times. A recent report estimated the VoIP market will reach $377 billion by 2016, emphasizing that many businesses around the globe are taking advantage of the enhanced communication and lower cost-of-ownership that comes with VoIP.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems revolutionize business telephony and phone providers encourage the replacement of older POTS (Plain Old Telephone Systems) infrastructures with VoIP. VoIP systems may be hosted on premise or on a cloud. Premise-based VoIP systems have all the equipment (phones and servers) hosted on-site. With a cloud-hosted VoIP system, phones are the only equipment the customer has on site in some cases Voip cloud vendors like Mitel interface their solutions with mobile devices eliminating the desktop phone and all local servers, a pure SaaS solution.

According to the director of global channel sales for Digium, Jim Butler, the benefits of cloud-based VOIP’s are among the factors likely to influence small to medium sized enterprises in their communications decisions over the course of 2013. Cloud-based VOIP solutions offer businesses a reliable communication option at a lower cost. Here are more benefits businesses should take into consideration before adopting a VOIP solution:

Flexibility. On-premise phone systems have capacity limits and require frequent upgrades. With cloud VoIP systems companies don’t have to worry about these difficulties. They allow companies to continuously add new users and offer the chance to upgrade for little costs

Scalability. As a business grows, it comes across new challenges, and ultimately it meets new technology needs. Cloud-based VoIP tools allow companies to add new features and capabilities and deploy them across the entire enterprise without any business disruption, or new hardware requirements.

Business focus. Cloud-based VOIP systems reduce some important IT resources costs and enable the IT team to focus on projects that increase business profits.

Mobility. Keeping the entire team connected even when they are on-the-go is a key objective for companies that want to increase profits and streamline processes. Cloud-based VOIP makes remote work available from any location and helps companies expand their business anywhere on the globe.

With cloud-based VOIP, the provider is responsible for almost all devices. For companies with different office locations and on-the-go workforce, a cloud VOIP may be a wise option. Before deciding to choose between an on-premise or cloud solution you should analyze your business, its intention and direction of development and its long-term communication needs.


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