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Implementing IBM cloud BI solutions

Implementing IBM cloud BI solutions

I started the discussion around cloud-based Business Intelligence solutions a while ago, and I already presented you the best technologies available on the market and explained you their benefits. Today, I would like to take a closer look at IBM’s solutions.

IBM Cognos

IBM Cognos is a complete solution that provides organizations that work with data to offer – business intelligence, financial performance, strategy management, and analytics. With products for the individual, workgroup, department, midsize business and large enterprise, Cognos software is designed to make the decisions that achieve the best business outcomes. IBM Cognos Mobile extends interactive Cognos Business Intelligence to a broad range of mobile devices, including the Apple iPhone and iPad, Android phones, and BlackBerry phones and Playbook. From the mobile version, users can view and fully interact with Cognos reports, dashboards, metrics, analysis and other information in a security-rich environment. They receive timely, informative and interactive information to support their decision-making, regardless of location or time.


IBM SPSS is a predictive analytics solution to predict with confidence what will happen next so that smarter decisions can be made, to solve problems and improve outcomes. It can help you uncover hidden insights in your data so you can create personalized offers that will reduce the total costs of client acquisition and increase your  customer loyalty. The IBM SPSS SaaS offers another way of delivering predictive analytics and improving decision-making. As an alternative to the on-premise solution, it provides the foundational technology that allows the combination of predictive models, simple rules, and scoring to automate and optimize decisions.

IBM works with Industry partners like ConnectEDU  in the education space to deploy reporting, visualization BI and predictive analytics solutions into industry specific solutions to solve real world problems by leveraging IBM Cognos and IBM SPSS.  ConnectEDU has deployed Cognos and SPSS into their Education Cloud infrastructure enabling them to solve problems like creating early-warning systems for at-risk students. The solution leverages predictive analytics in order to identify those in need of intervention and support.

IBM’s cloud computing solutions provide businesses with trusted technologies. The need to accomplish more with less is the financial objective of any business, and the cloud’s on-demand nature makes it the perfect IT resource for organizations that need business intelligence solutions.

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